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Our privately owned tranquil mountain lake is situated at 2500m and nestled in a deep valley enclosed between steeply scarped mountains, dominated by the huge and gracefully curved pyramid of the Matterhorn.

The lake its self is approximately 250m long, 50m wide and 5m deep in the centre.  There are no trees around the lake which makes it ideal to learn to cast a fly line or perfect your long casts.  The lake has its own diverse ecosystem which you will learn more about on your tour and this will really aid you in catching your own mountain trout.

In the images above you can see a small selection of the natural trout food that exists in and around the lake.  We do not feed the fish any artificial pellets which means they actively search for their prey and live a very wild life.  This is noticeable in the quality of the trout, both in the fight while playing the fish and the superb taste when they are prepared by the restaurant for us.

Sitting at the foot of a beautiful glacier, natural glacier water flows through mountains and into the lake, exiting via a small waterfall. The water is extremely pure and crystal clear, making it easy to see up to two meters deep which is perfect for stalking these mountain Trout. Despite the sometimes very warm air temperatures on a nice summer’s day, the water temperature remains very cold which increases the oxygen levels in the water and results in very healthy, strong fighting fish.

The lake enjoys pleasant temperatures and a very high number of blue sky days. Unlike most lakes and rivers I have fished where the fish go deep to avoid the clear sunny skies, the mountain Trout are keen to take flies from the lakes surface. Approximately 75% of all catches are made with the beautiful art of dry fly fishing.